How can I make my skin its best?

Tonight when I was watching Bob’s Burgers, Linda (the enthusiastic mom) burst out, “Tina, time to get ready for school!” Tina positively responded back, “It’s time for school to get ready for me.” At least that’s how I remember that moment…

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When I heard that it made me think of this post. My inner monologue for the past week has been, “How the hell are you actually going to start this blog…?” But when I finally heard Tina and her mom’s exchange, I thought, “Damn, I want that confidence too!” Tina is my favorite character FYI, but that is beside the point. Something that totally relates to confidence is skin. When my skin has a rough texture or is all blemished out, I just want to cover it all up any way possible. I’ve been struggling with acne since I was in 3rd grade, and now (finally at the ripe old age of 25) I believe I have a pretty solid routine and amaze products that have helped me thanks to esthetician, Deborah from Everygirl Skincare in Austin, TX. I will give you my daily skin routine and products Deborah, my esthetician, has bestowed on me.


Here is a little more info about my skin. I have done 3 rounds of accutane and still I suffer from breakouts. I did Accutane at the beginning of high school, college, and graduate school. It seems that my acne may be the cause of academia… I also used Retin-A Micro after each stint on Accutane because my dermatologist said it would keep wrinkles from forming (i.e., it boosts cell turnover within the skin, increases collagen production, and exfoliates the top layers of skin) and keep my acne from “coming back”, but it pretty much still clogged my pores and caused my skin to be the most sensitive it has ever been (besides when I was on Accutane). I’m not nearly as oily as I used to be. About 10 years ago I would’ve told you I have the oiliest of the oily skin ever. Now, my skin is sensitive on the combination side. A huge thing to let you all know also about my skin. I don’t tan. Ever.

The products I use are from Face Reality. Did they pay me to post this? They wish I did! Nah. Just after 15+ years of trying different products these worked for my skin.

Morning Routine

Step 1: Cleanser, specifically “Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel”. Why cleanse before tone? According to Natasha Lee, a lifestyle blogger about beauty and nails, says that our skin is naturally acidic. What does that even mean? Do you remember this symbol from high school science class, pH? It stands for “potential hydrogen”. The scale goes from 0 to 14, 7 is in the middle and is neutral. If you are closer to 14, that means most alkaline; however, if you are closer to 0, that means most acidic. Skin is typically more acidic (around 5.5 pH) because it keeps harmful bacteria and pollution from entering. If skin becomes too alkaline, it can become too dry and sensitive (i.e., this is pretty much where my skin was at before starting this regimen). Normally soap is alkaline, counteracting what our skin is trying to do in the first place-protect us! Lesson: Don’t use soap! Use an amazing cleanser that provides you that magic number 5.5 and that is tailored to your skin (i.e., extremely sensitive, sensitive, combination, dry, etc.)

Step 2: Toner, “Calming Face Toner”: Does this step even matter? Yes. YES. YES! Why though? Again with that damn pH! It pretty much helps promote that natural acidic level in your skin. Toner always grabs all the excess junk that is on my face that my cleanser doesn’t wash away.

Step 3: Mandelic Serum 5%: What the hell is this? It is antibacterial, lessens size of pores, refines texture of skin, improves skin discoloration, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, etc. It’s pretty much amazing. Like the man/woman you have wanted your whole life.

Step 4: Moisturizer (this is not from Face Reality), picture below. According to American Academy of Dermatology (AAD),  you want an SPF of at least 30.


My evening routine also consists of 4-steps.

Evening Routine

Step 1: Cleanser (same as mentioned above)

Step 2: Toner (same as mentioned above)

Step 3: Acne Medication 5%: I did the 2.5% for a few months, but my esthetician bumped me up because of the fact that I was still breaking out.

Step 4: Hydrating emulsion, this is pretty much a fancy moisturizer. It’s light water-based emulsion that can be used under day/night moisturizers to give added hydration to dehydrated skin. Its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is extremely hydrating to the skin without being heavy (big plus!).

Theses are products that I found and that worked for me.

I will post some more information in an upcoming post about the types of ingredients to stay away from if your skin is “acne prone” found in many common make-up lovelies. Thanks for reading and subscribe for more information worth reading!








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