South Congress Austin,TX

Wearing: Topshop Sleeveless Blouse, Topshop Wide-Leg Pants (Similar), Bass Flat Sandals, Kate Spade Cross Body

On Friday the 13th, one of my favorite days and numbers, Cam and I decided to go to South Congress, or SoCo. Anyone who is from Austin knows that SoCo can be daunting to finding parking, but once you find that glorious spot, you will sure feel like a damn winner. It’s totally worth it! Ahhh the amazing shops, eateries, and other niche places. The pants I wore totally look like pajama pants, but they were so freeing and breezy.




And of course we took a picture in front of the famous “i love you so much” graffiti art work. Plus their was no line. So we thought, “why not?!”



I have always wanted to stay at Hotel San Jose. It looks like one large bungalow house mixed with mid-century furniture and clean esthetic style throughout the hotel. I sometimes walk through it and pretend that I am a tourist! Redic I know…


20160513-IMG_2370 copyPlus they are patterned, so that’s a hardcore plus! I live for patterns. A weird rule, though, of mine is: never wear two pieces of clothing with patterns of color that touch. Hence, that’s why I wore a top that is a light cream tone on top of the bright flowy PJ pants of mine.  Besides that, fashion rules to me don’t exist. I also refuse to wear animal prints (I wish that pattern would just die-cheetah, leopard, etc. Just thinking of it literally makes me cringe! Ahh! The madness!

The weather was perfect and so is my photographer.







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