How I Ombre My Hair.

Currently, I am growing my hair out because I always love changing my hair length up. I hope to have it mid-length. Not too long and not too short. I suffer from dreadful tangles, especially due to my ombre dye job. That makes the lower section of my hair especially prone to tangles due to the dryness factor involved when dyed.


People think my hair is dyed professionally, but it’s far from that. I get my hair dyed at a school. Yep you heard that right! A fucking hair school. I specifically go to the Paul Mitchell School. The biggest reason I go to a school for my dye jobs is because I have always been poor. I try to find the best tricks in order to get the most bang for my style. The biggest cons to schools is that every time you go in, expect to spend 3-6 hours getting your hair done and you never know WHO you are going to get. You can pay a little extra to get a student who is about to graduate, but I always just take the gamble and try to get the cheapest person. They also make you sign and initial your life / hair away to cover their own asses because some people take their hair very seriously. But if you aren’t satisfied, you can always come back and it’s free! Praise Jesus! I always become impatient when I get my hair dyed there though. But, that’s the “price” you pay or at least that’s what I do to get my hair dyed on a dang budget.



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