#OOTD Walking Around Deep Eddy Austin, TX

Wearing: Super Floral Addict Dress (Link) from the Stay Fierce Boutique

Guys, I have been posting so many outfits because I am just waiting for some of our photography equipment to arrive. When all that jazz arrives, I’ll be able to take more photos and videos of the beauty and skincare products that rock my socks off. For today, I decided to take an outing to walk around Town Lake in Austin. The weather had bits and pieces of sunlight and so we decided to try and take some photos while we had the opportunity to since it’s been raining like a bitch.


This dress is stunning and comfy! So damn comfy! I was a little a afraid of my boobs popping out, but they didn’t. THANK THE LORD.




Swinging on the playground is one of my favorite pastimes!




This back of the dress is gorgeous and totally badass! It provides a nice breeze while I am walking too.




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