Growing Succulents: How to Guide-ish




We actually won this cactus for free at East Austin Succulents! We ended up buying a ton, and they let us spin on their Wheel of Fortune. We landed on the label, “free cactus under $5”. I had no idea it would sprout such pretty flowers. A dainty surprise. Even more so when I saw the large ass wasp on it while trying to take photos.

Since I have left most of my succulents outside my apartment, I have found they thrive more. However, I realized that 1 or 2 of them actually died…what the hell…right? I thought if most of my succulents and cacti were outside that they for sure stay alive.

Apartment Therapy helped me find my missing piece to my succulent dilemma. They found these people (Sage Market + Design) who specialize in succulents and know all about these little green gremlins. These badasses solved my green killing problem. Succulents with a purple and/or orange tinge prefer the outdoors (i.e., patio, deck). On the other hand, succulents that are really very green will do better indoors. The succulents that died outside were deep green. Watson, I think we solved our problem!

Some information I also picked up from my local nursery include: if the succulent is bought from darker lite area within the nursery and you want to place it in a very lite room or outside area, do it slowly over time, not abruptly. It can cause “shock” to your growing babies.

I will take way better pictures of my succulent family once we move into a better place. If you guys saw my apartment right now, you would straight up stop following me. #toomuchshit




6 thoughts on “Growing Succulents: How to Guide-ish

  1. What a coincidence! I have been growing succulents as well. A few have died for me as well. My latest batch have been doing quite well luckily. I water less and it seems to be doing better. Your succulents look beautiful! 🙂

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