Biscuit Paint Wall Boho #OOTD Houston, TX

Oh hey guys!

Finally the rain stopped for a second on Saturday while we were in Houston for Memorial Day Weekend. In Austin and throughout Texas, it has been flooding like mad crazy. So as quick as we could, we dashed out with the camera to take some photos of my amazing “music festival-esk” ensemble. It was so pretty,  but humid as hell.

20160528-IMG_2581 PS Version

Cam and I found this colorful painted wall (#biscuitpaintwall) and decided it would be the perfect backdrop. I love the outfit I’m wearing. Earrings are from The Blaine Collection.The top is an essential for a music festival, boho themed party, or any party involving 60s-70s music and some form of smoking. The back of the top has an opening down the middle (that’s what she said). I just had to say it. We were all thinking it. The top is pretty, but my arms couldn’t be moved as much due to my arm flab. My arms are my one area of my body I wish I could change. Always have hated them more than any other part of my body. Working on making them firmer so I can fit better into my clothes/lose weight/look fabulous.

Wearing: Shorts and Blouse are from Urban Outfitters







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