Red Blouse & Short Floral Skirt on Black Canvas #OOTD

Wearing: Blouse  | Banana Republic, Skirt | Urban Outfitters, & Wedges | Lucky Brand

These clothes I am wearing are about 3-4 years old! Crazy how amazing they still look, right? Maybe not. Maybe you hate them. Eh, everyone is entitled to opinions.


This top has always been one of my favorites! The details on the top portion are to die for! It’s modest (i.e., non-slutty), yet almost always brings strangers attentions to your chestle region (i.e., boobs). I told my husband I would eventually talk about boobs on the blog. So their ya go folks.


This skirt is short! It’s short on my and I am 5 ft tall. I come from a family of little people. Not actual little people, but hispanics. That’s if you can believe that. Now I am not saying that all hispanics are short, but if you are from my family, you are short. Period.


This skirt will fit my much better once I start back in my routine of making most of my food and going spinning. This week I have just started a new job and have been so tired everyday from it! Plus we are so excited to finally be able to go on vacation next week! Very necessary. I feel like a corpse with zero energy.





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