What are you doing with your summer?

I’ve always loved to travel. For this summer, our first vacation was to Disney World.  We spent the trip with two of my closest friends exploring all four parks-Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. We even were able to go to Universal Studios.


We ate our hearts out at Cinderella’s Castle, a restaurant inside the famous castle with most of the classic Disney princesses who come to your table while you  eat (!), Les Chef de France in Epcot, a restaurant for anyone who considers their self a Francophile or just someone who loves classic French dishes, Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, a drive-in movie themed restaurant with vintage car-shaped booths that had the most amazing milkshakes, as well as several other fast food grub stops. Cam made practically all of our reservations.

In total we walked about 80 miles during our week trip! Crazy right? Helped us be able to eat whatever the hell we wanted though! We met Kylo Ren, who literally scared me so hard that I couldn’t get too close to him. He just kept staring me down… Every picture above is from Disney World except the Hello Kitty car. That was definitely taken in Universal.

This entire summer Cam and I have been trying to keep things fresh in our relationship by having vacations, but not everyone can afford them. Like most people for us it takes time, money, and effort to determine if a vacation is even possible. No matter what, we have determined that we want to make this summer about going out more often (GOMO) whether it is a quick vacation or an event in Downtown Austin. Spending money on experiences rather than material items helps create something you can always take with you, memories.

My friends at Eventbrite are here to help support local event creation in your local area for individuals like yourself. At Eventbrite they are all about GOMO this summer!  You can find a ton of exciting events by searching their site and they have a huge assortment of tools to help support local event creation in your area like online RSVP features. It’s time to get off your computer and go do something fun now!




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