Who the hell are you? 

I straight up love profane language and fashion. Most of the clothes I wore growing up were created by my grandma. For the longest time growing up, I wasn’t true to myself choosing a path for myself that was logical, but not a passion. Biggest passions include: having my own fashion line and not having an 8-5 job. 
The past 6 years I suffered from anxiety and depression, which started at the beginning of college.  I moved to NYC to break free from the reigns of the “Bible Belt” and have some type of “Sex and the City” agenda with men and make $100,000 grand writing a 40 word paragraph. I’m no writer that’s for sure. 

Currently I’m back in the great state of Texas. In the midst of my depression I fell in love and married my partner in crime. He’s totally presh. Currently residing in Austin with husband, Cam, and our dogs and hedgehog. Whatever becomes this blog, I want to give you all great information, photography, and real help.
Fashion advice needed? Want to know how to not totally mess up your face with makeup? Need help losing weight…because I sure do! Emails are loved!




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