Red Blouse & Short Floral Skirt on Black Canvas #OOTD

Wearing: Blouse  | Banana Republic, Skirt | Urban Outfitters, & Wedges | Lucky Brand

These clothes I am wearing are about 3-4 years old! Crazy how amazing they still look, right? Maybe not. Maybe you hate them. Eh, everyone is entitled to opinions.


This top has always been one of my favorites! The details on the top portion are to die for! It’s modest (i.e., non-slutty), yet almost always brings strangers attentions to your chestle region (i.e., boobs). I told my husband I would eventually talk about boobs on the blog. So their ya go folks.


This skirt is short! It’s short on my and I am 5 ft tall. I come from a family of little people. Not actual little people, but hispanics. That’s if you can believe that. Now I am not saying that all hispanics are short, but if you are from my family, you are short. Period.


This skirt will fit my much better once I start back in my routine of making most of my food and going spinning. This week I have just started a new job and have been so tired everyday from it! Plus we are so excited to finally be able to go on vacation next week! Very necessary. I feel like a corpse with zero energy.





Biscuit Paint Wall Boho #OOTD Houston, TX

Oh hey guys!

Finally the rain stopped for a second on Saturday while we were in Houston for Memorial Day Weekend. In Austin and throughout Texas, it has been flooding like mad crazy. So as quick as we could, we dashed out with the camera to take some photos of my amazing “music festival-esk” ensemble. It was so pretty,  but humid as hell.

20160528-IMG_2581 PS Version

Cam and I found this colorful painted wall (#biscuitpaintwall) and decided it would be the perfect backdrop. I love the outfit I’m wearing. Earrings are from The Blaine Collection.The top is an essential for a music festival, boho themed party, or any party involving 60s-70s music and some form of smoking. The back of the top has an opening down the middle (that’s what she said). I just had to say it. We were all thinking it. The top is pretty, but my arms couldn’t be moved as much due to my arm flab. My arms are my one area of my body I wish I could change. Always have hated them more than any other part of my body. Working on making them firmer so I can fit better into my clothes/lose weight/look fabulous.

Wearing: Shorts and Blouse are from Urban Outfitters






#OOTD Walking Around Deep Eddy Austin, TX

Wearing: Super Floral Addict Dress (Link) from the Stay Fierce Boutique

Guys, I have been posting so many outfits because I am just waiting for some of our photography equipment to arrive. When all that jazz arrives, I’ll be able to take more photos and videos of the beauty and skincare products that rock my socks off. For today, I decided to take an outing to walk around Town Lake in Austin. The weather had bits and pieces of sunlight and so we decided to try and take some photos while we had the opportunity to since it’s been raining like a bitch.


This dress is stunning and comfy! So damn comfy! I was a little a afraid of my boobs popping out, but they didn’t. THANK THE LORD.




Swinging on the playground is one of my favorite pastimes!




This back of the dress is gorgeous and totally badass! It provides a nice breeze while I am walking too.



South Congress Austin,TX

Wearing: Topshop Sleeveless Blouse, Topshop Wide-Leg Pants (Similar), Bass Flat Sandals, Kate Spade Cross Body

On Friday the 13th, one of my favorite days and numbers, Cam and I decided to go to South Congress, or SoCo. Anyone who is from Austin knows that SoCo can be daunting to finding parking, but once you find that glorious spot, you will sure feel like a damn winner. It’s totally worth it! Ahhh the amazing shops, eateries, and other niche places. The pants I wore totally look like pajama pants, but they were so freeing and breezy.




And of course we took a picture in front of the famous “i love you so much” graffiti art work. Plus their was no line. So we thought, “why not?!”



I have always wanted to stay at Hotel San Jose. It looks like one large bungalow house mixed with mid-century furniture and clean esthetic style throughout the hotel. I sometimes walk through it and pretend that I am a tourist! Redic I know…


20160513-IMG_2370 copyPlus they are patterned, so that’s a hardcore plus! I live for patterns. A weird rule, though, of mine is: never wear two pieces of clothing with patterns of color that touch. Hence, that’s why I wore a top that is a light cream tone on top of the bright flowy PJ pants of mine.  Besides that, fashion rules to me don’t exist. I also refuse to wear animal prints (I wish that pattern would just die-cheetah, leopard, etc. Just thinking of it literally makes me cringe! Ahh! The madness!

The weather was perfect and so is my photographer.






Black Sleeveless Top + Jeans and Heels

Wearing: Top by HD in Paris, a fashion brand exclusive to Anthropologie, Jeans by Flying Monkey from The Impeccable Pig, Heels by  MaraisUSA, & Statement Necklace from J.Crew


These heels are so comfy. They fit nicely especially for a gal with wide feet. The jeans are comfy, skinny, and form fitting in all the right places! I just need to lose s bit more weight around my hips for them to fit better. 

Sitting down watching the sun set